We’re huge fans of the holiday season’s signature red lip and smoky eye look, but this year we’re craving something a little more approachable and unexpected, while still lighting up any room. We thought we might have unrealistic expectations, until Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup, reassured us that our makeup dreams are right   Read full story ›


Backstage at Stella McCartney Dubai: All Worked Up

In the garden of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, models dancing in beautiful, billowy, floor skimming dresses in cream, peach, tangerine and lemon hues showed off the 2016 Spring Summer Stella McCartney collection alongside dancers, runners, spinners and yogis who modeled the sporty, new Summer 2016 Adidas by Stella McCartney collection.


Following a Dream

We love following what’s happening with budding cosmetology students at Aveda Institutes far and wide. Their passion and drive are infectious. This year, we are excited to be shadowing our partner Monica Stevens (moknowshair.com) in her journey from beauty blogger to beauty student. You’re likely familiar with Monica as we have featured her before in


Essential Questions To Ask Your Colorist Before Changing Your Hair Color

When it comes to achieving head-turning hair color, a consultation and clear communication with your colorist are the golden tickets for a happy result. But if it’s your first time in a colorist’s chair, you want a dramatic change or you’re seeing a new colorist, it can be hard to know where to start and


Take a Moment of Gratitude

Being grateful has been shown to improve our well-being and happiness, while elevating our energy, optimism and empathy1. But sometimes when things are going well we take them for granted, and when we are faced with challenges, we forget to accentuate the positive.  With Thanksgiving upon us, it seems like the ideal time to focus

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3 Steps to a Sensibly Cool Man Bun

We all know the guy who’s just the right amount of confident. He’s self-assured, but not at all arrogant; he’s present, and he knows where he’s headed; his clothes are on trend, but not perfect, and his hair? It’s effortlessly cool and on point, because he’s wearing… a man bun. And you can create this

The Spirit of Artistry and Innovation

Moments to remember at Aveda Congress 2015

Inspirational hair styling, striking and innovative cuts and vibrant color took over Minneapolis, Minnesota this past weekend as more than 3,500 Aveda professionals from 17 countries around the world converged for Aveda Congress 2015: Spirit. This global event celebrated hairdressing, beauty and art with more than 20 teams of Aveda Artists from seven countries presenting

One Voice, One World

Join Aveda and Audubon in calling for decisive action on climate change

Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing the world today. This is why we joined forces with the National Audubon Society to urge leaders at the upcoming COP21 conference in Paris to reach a meaningful global agreement on climate change and keep global warming below 2°C. And we are asking for you

Symphony of The Senses

An evening performance to remember at Aveda Congress 2015

Art emerged through the five elements of nature —Water, Earth, Infinity, Air, and Fire— at the Aveda Congress Spirit 2015 evening performance “Symphony of the Senses” created and presented by Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders. Beauty, theatrics and inspirational hair techniques came to life in the five element-themed sections that were designed as an immersive celebration